دانلود فیلم Sharpe Sharpe's Waterloo 1997 زبان اصلی، دوبله فارسی و زیرنویس چسبیده بدون سانسور

خلاصه فیلم شارپ شارپ واترلو: بر اساس رمان Bernard Cornwell، "واترلو شارپ"، سرهنگ ریچارد شارپ، معاون ارشد بریتانیا، به آخرین مبارزه با فرانسه، در ماه ژوئن سال 1815 به ارمغان می آورد . هارپر (بازنشسته) و Riflemen Hagman و Harsis در جنگ های معروف Quatre Bras و Waterloo. نه تنها باید شارپ با دستورات بی کفایتی از شاهزاده نارنجی، که منجر به کشتار، او، عاشق همسرش، لرد روسندیل، در میان نبرد، مقابله کند. کوهنوردان فیلم به عنوان ارتش کوچک ولینگتون "خط" را در برابر محافظ جانبازان جانباز ناپولی نگه می دارد. -Derek Relf

Sharpe Sharpe's Waterloo (1997): Based on the novel by Bernard Cornwell, "Sharpe's Waterloo" brings maverick British officer Lt. Col. Richard Sharpe to his last fight against the French, in June of 1815. Sharpe is assigned to the Prince of Orange's staff, and is rejoined with Sgt. Harper (retired) and riflemen Hagman and Harris at the famous battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Not only must Sharpe deal with incompetent orders from the Prince of Orange, that lead to slaughter, he confronts his wife's lover, Lord Rossendale, in the midst of battle. The film climaxes as Wellington's small army 'holds the line' against Napolean's veteran Imperial Guard. —Derek Relf

Country: UK
Locations: Turkey, England, UK
Keywords: 19th century, 1810s, year 1815, battle, army

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Richard Sharpe: [Rallying the South Essex] I'm your colours. I Am.

Richard Sharpe: [has stumbled across Jane and Rossendale] You! Jane Sharpe: Don't hurt me please! Richard Sharpe: And you! [grabs Rossendale] Richard Sharpe: You dare to come! You dare to join! You dare to be in the same buggerin' army as me! Richard Sharpe: [chases Rossendale until Rossendale trips and falls] Get up! Get up and fight! [turns to the crowd] Richard Sharpe: Somebody give him a sword! [turns back to Rossendale] Richard Sharpe: Do you have a friend? Rossendale: [recognizing the duel challenge] No no no no no, please! Richard Sharpe: Then give me the money, you can keep the whore you lilly-livered... [feels the shame of being a cuckold, and draws his sword] Richard Sharpe: No, by God I'll fillet you anyway! Uxbridge: [intervenes] Enough! [looks down at Rossendale] Uxbridge: Get up. Richard Sharpe: [does not move his sword] By God I'll fillet you also! Uxbridge: You will not! Harry Price: [mutters in Sharpe's ear] Richard, don't do it. Richard Sharpe: [sighs in defeat] You tell him Harry. Rossendale: [looking up, embarrassed] I fell, just fell. Richard Sharpe: Tell him he can have the whore [Jane stares at him in loathing] Richard Sharpe: but I want my money.

[as Wellington sits down to dinner, the night before the battle] Uxbridge: What do you do tomorrow? Wellington: What do you eat, Uxbridge? Uxbridge: [impatiently] Much the same. Wellington: Does the army want for anything? Uxbridge: Damn it, what do you do tomorrow? What plans have you? Wellington: Plans? Uxbridge: I am second in command! I ought to know! Wellington: As soon as Napoleon Bonaparte tells me what *he's* going to do, I shall know what *I'm* going to do, and I shall tell you. But as Boney has not yet confided in me, I cannot confide in you. So, to your beef, Uxbridge. [Uxbridge exits in a huff] Wellington: [under his breath] Adulterous rogue.

Wellington: The Prince of Orange. They wanted to give him command over me. Better counsel prevailed.

Prince William of Orange: It's the French. Oh my god. Now they have guns. Wellington: Oh, they've always had guns, your royal highness. What they haven't always had is you as a target.

Doggett: [to the Prince of Orange] You, sir, are a silk stocking full of shit.

Wellington: Your Regiment, Sharpe! Richard Sharpe: Prince of... South Essex! ADVANCE! [regiment walks off towards the French] Richard Sharpe: South Essex Charge!

Doggett: [on the Prince of Orange] He did it again. How many more men will he kill? That's my commission gone to the blazes I dare say, but it had to be said. Richard Sharpe: [choking with grief] Daniel Hagman... Harris... He won't kill anymore! Patrick Harper: [to Doggett] Oh now you have caused trouble! [rides after Sharpe]

Doggett: [to the Prince of Orange] You did it again! Colonel Sharpe said you would do it again, and you did! All those men dead because you wanted to get out? You coward! Rebeque: Doggett! His Royal Highness cannot be called a coward. Doggett: No, dammnit. No, not cowardice, not that. Just so he can dance and prance, and make high cockalorum, while men die? Horribly? It is too much, I declare, too much! I shall say it! Doggett: [after a second] You sir, are a silk stocking full of shit!

Richard Sharpe: What do you want? Paulette: More pay would be nice.

Harry Price: Can't stand duels. You can't drink!

Harper: Do you still want to see Boney? Sharpe: More than ever.Might ask him for a job.

[the Prince of Orange rides to Wellington's side] Prince William of Orange: Good day to you. We're fighting Boney, you know. Indeed we are. This day, at the cross roads of Quartre Bras... He's been seen. Wellington: [skeptically] Has he been? Prince William of Orange: We're holding the woods, I do believe... yes. Uxbridge: [looks around] Where are your men? Prince William of Orange: Fighting... fighting. [the Dutch troops stream past, clearly running away] Uxbridge: I stand corrected, highness. I know very little about uniforms, other than me own, but I could have sworn these was yours as is running. Ain't they? Prince William of Orange: [draws his sword] Some of them, Lord Uxbridge, some of them. [spurs after them] Prince William of Orange: Come back here, you cowards! Wellington: I never mind men running as long as they come back.

Wellington: [to the retreating Dutch troops] My lads, you look blown from your run. Come, do take breath a moment. Then we will go back and try if we can do better. Take heart, soon have some guns up. Uxbridge! Uxbridge: Wellington? Wellington: When? Uxbridge: Oh, they do come, I assure you. What of the Prussians. Any word at all? Wellington: I told the Prussians we'll support them but only if not attacked here. They'll have to fight without us today.

Wellington: If your corps is coming up, as you assure me, how close do you think they are? I want them to clear that road, I want it handsomely arranged with guns. Uxbridge: Very close. Wellington: How close? Uxbridge: Close. Coming up. [He turns around to look for them]

[as the French advance on La Haye Sainte, beating their drums and shouting "Vive L'Empereur!"] Patrick Harper: In all the years that I've been fighting the French... I have become sick and bloody tired of that shite music that they play.

Richard Sharpe: [about William, Prince of Orange] It's Silly Bloody Billy again!

Hagman: [singing, tongue-in-cheek] Old Wellington, he scratched his bum, says, 'Boney lad, thee's had thee fun'. My riflemen will win the day, over the hills and far away!

Doggett: [to Sharpe, after the Prince of Orange has foolishly given the order to charge] Have you ever ridden in a cavalry charge before, sir? Richard Sharpe: Just stay on your horse, Tom, and try *not* to chop its bloody ears off!

Patrick Harper: [handing a plate of cooked beef to Sharpe] Eat! It's French. - It's good! - Though I am a bit of a cannibal, so I am!

Hagman: What's that noise? Harris: Snoring. Frogs snoring!

Wellington: [after Sharpe and his men repulsed the French troops and forced them to retreat] Sharpe! Richard Sharpe: Your Grace! Wellington: What are you waiting for? Forward, and complete your victory! Don't let them stand, see them off our land! - Your battalion, Mr. Sharpe!

Macduff: [after Sharpe saved his life in battle] I don't know who you are, but Thank You!

Richard Sharpe: The Prince of Wal-- [stops himself] Richard Sharpe: - Damn it! - The *South Essex* will advance!

Patrick Harper: [during their pursuit of the fleeing French troops, points out Napoleon in the distance, whom they now get to see for the first time] *Look*! Richard Sharpe: [in disbelief and delight] I saw him! - *I saw him*! Patrick Harper: That's all I came for, so it is. - Goodbye, Colonel Sharpe! Richard Sharpe: Goodbye, Mr. Harper!

Patrick Harper: [giving Sharpe a 'first hand' report] I heard that straight from the horse's mouth! A gallopper of the 'Roast and Boiled', who'd heard it first hand from a 'Wallopping Mick' of the 'Six Skins', who saw them Prussians with his own eyes, so he did!

Richard Sharpe: [regarding the Prince of Orange's blatant incompetence] What an idiot! What a dirty little Dutch buffle-brained bastard! I'll ram his poxed crown up his Royal poxed arse, the blue-blooded twat! [rides off] Patrick Harper: O dear, o dear, o dear...! [rides off, following Sharpe]

Richard Sharpe: [to Harper] Have not chalked my name on the door, I see. Could you not bring yourself to do it? What would it say? Lt. Col. Sharpe, arse-wiper to the Prince of Orange? [afterwards, regarding Bonaparte] Richard Sharpe: Might as well ask him for a job!

Doggett: [as Sharpe comes storming out of the Prince of Orange's headquarters] You're hurrying, sir? Richard Sharpe: I am, Tom! I could not stay in there another minute without I hit him... What do you do with Silly Billy? Doggett: I'm a serious officer, sir, and I want to learn all I can... Richard Sharpe: Well, you won't learn anything from him. He's not worth his silk stocking full of shit! Doggett: [later, after another blunder, to the Prince of Orange's face] Sharpe was right... You, sir, are a silk stocking full of shit!

Hagman: [to the frightened captured French drummer boy] Hey, it's all right, you little bugger! We stopped eating French drummer boys - for they smell!

Witherspoon: [taking out a notebook] What time? Richard Sharpe: What? Witherspoon: What time did it stop? The cannonade. I have it as ten minutes of midday, but the Duke likes it accurate, you see. Richard Sharpe: What time is it now? Witherspoon: Oh, uh... [fumbles with his pocketwatch] Witherspoon: Four minutes after midday, save a few... Richard Sharpe: You'd best write down that they're coming, then. Witherspoon: Coming? Richard Sharpe: The French are advancing. [Witherspoon looks into the woods, where a huge French column is advancing] Witherspoon: Ah, so they are. Thank you, my dear fellow, I might have missed that.

Rebeque: [Rebeque is talking to Sharpe about the Prince of Orange and his whores, when there is large bang] That's his boots!

Hagman: Harris? Harris: Hm? Hagman: What's your first name?

Dutch Captain: [speaking in Dutch to his men] No! No! You can shoot better than that!

Rossendale: [in the thick of a massacre] I can kill as well as you Sharpe!

[as the French artillery commence fire, beginning the Battle of Waterloo] Uxbridge: [lifting a glass of sherry] Gentlemen, I give you today's fox.

Wellington: [after Sharpe told him that Napoleon has tricked Wellington with a ruse] Humbugged? - Humbugged!... Humbuggery!