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خلاصه فیلم 30 دقیقه یا کمتر: دواین نه چندان باهوش قصد دارد سالن ماساژ خود را با شریک زندگی خود تراویس راه اندازی کند ، اما او سرمایه ای برای سرمایه گذاری ندارد. او تصمیم می گیرد برای کشتن پدرش "سرگرد" که سالها پیش در قرعه کشی مبلغ زیادی برنده شده بود ، یک مرد ضربتی استخدام کند اما قاتل برای این کار 100000 دلار آمریکا طلب می کند. دواین و تراویس پسر تحویل دهنده پیتزا نیک را می ربایند و آنها نیک را با یک تایمر و چندین بمب در یک جلیقه می پوشند. سپس دواین به نیک می گوید که ده ساعت فرصت دارد تا 100000 دلار آمریکا را از بانک غارت کند. هنگامی که این کار را انجام داد ، به نیک کد می داد تا جلیقه را آزاد کند. نیک بهترین دوست خود چت را احضار می کند تا به او در راه دور کردن کمک کند اما این طرح به روشی که دواین نقشه کشیده کار نمی کند.

30 Minutes or Less (2011): The not so smart Dwayne intends to open a massage parlor with his partner Travis, but he does not have money for the investment. He decides to hire a hit-man to kill his father, The Major, who won a large amount of money in the lottery years ago, but the killer demands US$ 100,000 for the job. Dwayne and Travis kidnap the pizza delivery boy Nick and they dress Nick in a vest with a timer and several bombs. Then Dwayne tells Nick that he has ten hours to rob US$ 100,000 from a bank. Once he does, he would give Nick the code to release the vest. Nick summons his best friend Chet to help him in the heist but the scheme does not work the way Dwayne has plotted.

Country: USA
Locations: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, Ludington, Michigan, USA, Michigan, USA, Vito's Pizza, 658 Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, Taco Boy, 75 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Keywords: sony vaio, unlikely criminal, strapped to a bomb, pizza delivery boy, heist gone wrong

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Nick: Now, give me the fucking code. Dwayne: Alright. 69-69-69. Nick: [pauses] You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Chet: [gasp as Nick shows the bomb vest] What the fuck? Is that thing real? Nick: Chet, if I don't get to the money in time. This thing gonna blow. Chet: [angry] And your first though was to come to a school, filled with young children

Chet: Okay, climb through the window. Nick: You climb through the window! Chet: No, I'm holding the bag. Nick: I'm holding the bomb!

[from trailer] Nick: [unzips a vest to show a bomb strapped to his chest] Guess what? You just brought a gun to a bombfight, officer!

Chet: [singing] Painting our guns, painting our guns for the bank robbery, 'cause if we go in with our plastic guns then the cops will shoot us in our face...

Dwayne: What is the one thing this town is missing? I'll give you a hint. It's cash business and it's crawling with sexy bitches. Travis: Chinese food restaurant? Dwayne: No. Travis: Abortion clinic.

Nick: [to Mr. Fisher] Now, listen to me... We're obviously, uh, stealing the car! And you won't report it stolen until later tonight, let's say... 5 o'clock. Or 6, to be safe! Chet: 6:15! Nick: Yeah, right! 6:15. Chet: Don't even bother calling the cops! We own the cops!

Chet: Okay, what if we saw off both of your arms, slip the vest over your head, than go to the hospital, they'll re-attach your arms. We'll just keep your arms on ice the whole time. Nick: Fuck that! Chet: I don't know what to do, man. All these sites have different shit. There's not a lot of consensus in the bomb disarming community. What did they do in the Hurt Locker?

Chet: Maybe I should just become a bank robber. I'm pretty good at it. Teachers don't make shit. Bank robbers make bank.

[from trailer] Dwayne: I liked the bear, I don't even fucking know you.

Kate: Why did that engine explode? Nick: Remember that bomb I was telling you about? I kind of typed in the code, reactivated it and put in the back of that guy's van. Chet: What? That's some John McClane shit! Yes! Kate: How did you remember the code? Nick: [hesitates] It doesn't matter. We are alive, and we are rich.

Chet: You wanna fuck my sister? Nick: I said your sister was sexually attractive. Chet: Uh, my twin sister? Which is basically like fucking me?

Nick: [fighting with Chet] You're twins. Did you feel it when I was fucking her?

Nick: I taught myself how to do this shit. Went online, looked all this up! Dwayne: Oh I hear ya. I taught myself how to eat pussy and cut my own hair!

Dwayne: Fucking victory tacos!

Nick: Remember graduation night? Chet: When you were nailing Tina Scotto? Nick: Actually, I was having the best night of my life with your sister.

Dwayne: You're a cold son of a bitch, dad. The Major: That's what it takes, boy. In the Corps, pussies like you wore dresses to keep us entertained. Dwayne: That's really fuckin' disturbing.

Kate: You're late. Nick: No, no, I'm 45 minutes late, which is, like 10 minutes early for me.

Dwayne: This is like the Marines. If you hesitate, if you fuck around, I will leave you behind.

[from trailer] Dwayne: Sometimes fate pulls out its big ol' cock and slaps you right in face.

[during the bank robbery, to a man sporting a handlebar moustache] Chet: Quit lookin' at me, moustache!

Chet: [trying to pick out the right toy gun to buy and use in the robbery by practicing with it in the store] EVERYBODY! GET DOWN ON THE GR... Nick: Shhh! Jesus! Chet: [more quietly] Everybody! Get down on the ground NOW and go get us our money! Nick: Uh, how are they supposed to get the money when you just told them... Chet: Go get us our money and THEN everybody get down on the ground!

Dwayne: I've been thinking a lot about the 'polishing the scepter' deal. I know that's really not for polishing the scepter, you're just talking about sucking my dick. But I just want you to know that it's going to be mutual. You won't just have to polish my scepter, I will also lick your crown, which is a euphemism for eating your pussy. Ok, well give me a call when you get a chance. Goodbye.

Dwayne: [watching Friday the 13th Part III] I'm not afraid of Jason. Look at me. I'm fucking Jason. In his fucking mask hole.

Dwayne: Sometimes faith pulls out its big ol' cock and slaps you right in the face.

Travis: If wanting a lot of money is gay, then, yeah, I'm Elton John.